ESA Foundation

“Serving the World Community….Because We Care”

The ESA Foundation is a non-profit/tax exempt organization pledged to develop philanthropic activities of volunteers, provide assistance to established programs that serve human needs, and produce new programs to improve the quality of life.  The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that the ESA Foundation is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue code as an organization operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The ESA Foundation Headquarters is located in Colorado.  All inquiries other than those relating to scholarships may be directed to the Registered Agent:

ESA Foundation                     Phone:  (970) 223-2824
PO Box 270517                      Fax: (970) 223-4456
Fort Collins CO 80527

Board of Directors:  The affairs of the ESA Foundation are supervised by four executive directors elected by the eight member Board of Directors.  These are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  Accounting, legal, and membership services are performed by professionals in these fields employed by the Foundation.  The Board of Directors are elected to serve a three year term and serve without compensation.

Annual Meeting:  An annual meeting is held in July in conjunction with the International Convention of ESA International.  An Open Board meeting is held annually to provide an opportunity for total participation by members.

Membership:  Membership can be obtained by contacting the ESA Foundation Headquarters.  The membership fee is $25 with an annual dues assessment of $15 thereafter.  Life active membership is a one-time $500 assessment.  All dues are tax deductible.  This is a public foundation for all persons who share its goals.  The fiscal year for the Foundation is June 1 through May 31.  In order to vote at the annual meeting the active member must have their annual dues paid by March 1.

Scholarships:  The ESA Foundation awards numerous scholarships annually.   Scholarship applications are submitted to the Foundation’s state counselor of the applicant’s state of resident or directly to the scholarship director if there is no state counselor for that state.  When the application has been determined to meet the Foundation’s criteria, it is forwarded to a member of the regional scholarship committee who double checks to see that the applicant meets the necessary criteria.  The application is then sent to the scholarship coordinator responsible for the judging of the particular scholarship for which the student is applying.

Operational Committees:  State Counselors:  The ESA Foundation appoints State Counselors in every state and Australia to promote the Foundation.  Training seminars are held annually to update materials, promote greater awareness, and involvement.  Scholarship Committees:  A complete committee structure for the purpose of processing and judging scholarship applications is appointed by the Board of Directors.  The applications are sent to the Regional Scholarship Committee.  The Regional Scholarship committee determines if the applications have met the necessary criteria after the State Counselors have mailed their state applications to them  The applications are then sent on to an appointed Scholarship Coordinator for judging.  The scholarship committees serve under the direction of the Scholarship Director who is an elected member of the Board of Directors.

Contributions to the ESA Foundation:  Contributions may be designated or undesignated.  Undesignated gifts become a part of the general fund.  Designated contributions are used for the purpose designed by the donor.  All contributions are tax deductible.